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Thank you for your interest in my pottery. The links below will take you out of my website. Please use your browser's back button to return. Please note that all book links go through IndieBound. You will be asked to provide your zip code so you can be directed to your nearest independent bookstore.

The Process

Pottery Instruction

I do not teach pottery classes. If you are interested in learning how to make pottery, I suggest that you take a class from a local art center or community college. The following links are for a few of the local art centers that provide pottery instruction. Unfortunately, I am unable to recommend any places outside the Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN area.

Books on How to Draw Celtic Knotwork

I learned how to draw Celtic knotwork almost exclusively by using the book by George Bain. Later, I picked up the books in the Celtic Design series by Aidan Meehan. They are great additions for further learning. I have linked to the first book in the series below. I am unfamiliar with the third title; however, it has received several good reviews on, and I wouldn't mind adding it to my collection.

The Meaning

Internet Articles

I would like to thank the following websites for their helpful insights. They have been valuable resources in developing my own answer to the question of meanings in Celtic designs.

Books on Celtic Art

There are many books on the subject of Celtic Art. These are just a few with which I am familiar. If you search at your local library or favorite bookseller for Celtic Art, I am search you can find many more.

The Celts

Internet Articles on Who the Celts Were

There is a plethora of information available on the Internet about who the ancient Celts were. These are just a few places where you can start learning more about them.

The Modern Celtic Nations

While these links may also provide some answers to who the Celts were, they primarily focus on the Celts of today.

Books on the Celts, Celtic History, and Celtic Mythology

Do a search at your local library or favorite bookseller for Celts, Celtic History, or Celtic Mythology, and you will find a lengthy list of resources. The books listed below are just a few with which I am familiar. I especially recommend the Historical Atlas by John Haywood; it provides an excellent overview of the Celts from Iron Age Europe until today.

Other Artists

As I have focused on selling my work at Celtic themed events, I have met other artists and crafters that share my passion for Celtic knotwork and traditional crafts.

Professional Affiliations

There are numerous organizations for artists and potters that work toward promoting the arts. The following are organizations of which I am currently or have previously been a member. The years of my membership are in parenthesis.

Ceramic & Craft Magazines

I have found the following periodicals to be both informative and inspirational as I persue my pottery career.

Patty's Pottery
by Patty Rau
Minneapolis, MN